Our Front Porch Verified

Our Front Porch Verified is our new verification process developed specifically for our HOA and Homeowner partners. We aim to diminish the fears and apprehension homeowners have when deciding on a service company.

Our Goal is to:

  • Increase HOA safety and security by decreasing the number of unknown service providers entering neighborhoods and homes.
  • Provide a “directory” of easily identifiable businesses who have submitted and passed the verification process.
  • Decrease the risk of unsatisfactory service outcomes through a commitment to providing “best in class” customer service that is aligned with the expectations of the affluent residents of our prestigious HOA’s.  

What gets verified?

  • Licensure requirements, if applicable, are current and valid.
  • Insurance program has adequate coverage and limits.
  • Financial stability.
  • Principal background.
  • Adherence to “best in class” customer experience and service.  


Keep an eye out for the Our Front Porch Verified shield on trusted companies for you and your neighbors!