Preferred and Referred Roadmap

Homeowner Searches for Company Online

It can be tricky to be visible and appealing on Google. There are so many variables as to whether or not your company will even be a search result. Homeowners are finicky about hours, placement on results, reviews, stars, and so many other aspects. Front Porch will ensure that your business is in the best prominent position, visibly “open” 24/7, and is optimizing SEOs. Never miss a customer due to poor Google management again.

78% of local searches lead to a purchase within 24 hours

80% of customers read reviews (95% of millennials)

57% of consumers will only use a business if it has 4 or more stars

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Homeowner Wants Live Help Immediately

Have you ever missed a call after hours or because you were too busy? So many customers are missed due to these issues. Our verified call centers are the solution for you, they are open 24/7, follow your personalized script, and are kind and polite. They take your appointments and ensure your customer’s experience is exceptional! Never miss a possible customer’s call again.

75% of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent

41% of calls on the weekend go unanswered

72% of new customer who reach an automated answer will hang up (and potentially call a competitor) without leaving a message

Customers form an opinion of a business in the first 7 seconds of contact

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Put an End to Terrible Timing

How many times has a homeowner been frustrated with your company because of a late arrival? People’s time is precious to them, and Front Porch uses a state of the art Tracking App to provide them the clarity they want. Our Tracking App allows the homeowner to track the service provider as they are heading to the house. They get real-time updates and timely notifications. Never have a customer annoyed by untimeliness again.

50% of consumers are deterred from a business due to a slow response

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Put an end to Stranger Danger


Another way Our Front Porch Tracking App provides your customers clarity and assurance is by providing Bios for each service person. The homeowner can see who is coming to their house, some information about them, and reviews from other homeowners. The homeowner will feel far safer and more comfortable using your company knowing who is coming to their house.

Businesses that used Glympse reduced customer no-shows by 20% and reduced time-related complaints by 25%

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Turn One Customer Into Three with Radius Mailers

Do you waste time jumping around from house to house? Once a customer makes a service appointment, radius mailers will automatically be sent out to surrounding homes, increasing your reach and number of appointments within a neighborhood. Never waste time driving all over Atlanta again.

Over 40% of consumers have made a purchase in the last 3 months due to a piece of direct mail

56% of direct mail is read by recipients

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Plant your flag firmly in neighborhoods

Expand your reach within neighborhoods and gain brand awareness. Front Porch will create a customized yard sign for your company. While servicing a house, the neighbors will be able to see what company is doing work in the area. It is a great way to generate referrals and recognition in your desired neighborhoods.

50% of consumers depend on signs to learn about local businesses

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Increase your Brand Awareness

Homeowners want to choose a service company they know and trust. Incrementally increasing your brand awareness through various channels will provide more opportunities for consumers to see your brand. When they are searching for a company, they will recognize yours and already feel a connection to it.

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Upsell Opportunities

Don't rely on your service expertise alone for your business. With small additions like stickers on units, tear pads listing additional services, and Thank You cards, you create more opportunities for consumers to know your brand and choose you when it comes to service.

Upselling increases revenue by 10-30% on average

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Show Gratitude and Gain Growth

Continue to grow your customer service after the job is done. Show gratitude to your customers by sending them a Thank You card. Incentivize them to return to your business by providing a Gift Card for use on any future service of yours. It will show your customers that you are grateful and care for them more than the competitor does.

Increasing customer retention by as little as 5% increases profits from 25-95% (on average)

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